Phoenix 4.0.3 Released

The Avalon team is proud to announce the 4.0.3 release of Phoenix.

About Avalon

The Avalon project is Apache's Java Server Framework. It is separated into six sub projects: Framework, Excalibur, LogKit, Cornerstone, Phoenix and Applications. Its purpose is to simplify server side programming for Java based projects. It formalizes serveral best of breed practices and patterns for server side programming.

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About Phoenix 4.0.3

Avalon Phoenix is a micro-kernel designed and implemented on top of the Avalon Framework. It is both an API to program to and a reference implementation. The reference implementation provides a number of facilities to manage the environment of Server Applications. Such facilities include log management, JMX management, classloading and security. The API defines a standard method of piecing togther server components and creating a server.

In order to see Avalon-Phoenix at work, you should grab the one of the demo applications or servers that are included in Avalon-Apps. Apache James is a production ready mail server that sits on Phoenix.

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PGP Signatures

Many of the distribution kits have been digitally signed (using PGP). If so, there will be an accompanying distribution.asc file in the same directory as the distribution. The PGP keys can be found in the distribution directory at <>.

Always test available signatures, e.g.,
> pgpk -a KEYS
> pgpv Avalon-4.0.3-bin.tar.gz.asc
> pgp -ka KEYS
> pgp Avalon-4.0.3-bin.tar.gz.asc
> gpg --import KEYS
> gpg --verify Avalon-4.0.3-bin.tar.gz.asc

About Phoenix 4.0.3

For more information about Phoenix 4.0.3, please go to

ChangeLog for Phoenix 4.0.3