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Struts 1.1 Beta 2

This is the binary distribution of Struts 1.1 Beta 2. The source distribution is available here. In addition, a library distribution is available here, which contains only the updated Struts binaries, without the web applications which are bundled with the regular binary distribution.

Struts 1.1 Beta 2 includes significant new functionality, as well as fixes to a number of bugs reported against earlier releases. The Release Notes describe what is included in this release.

Log4J Users Please Note - A packaging error (in Struts, not in Log4J), has been uncovered that caused the copy of commons-logging.jar included in the Struts 1.1 Beta 2 release to be built incorrectly. If you are using Log4J for your logging needs, you will need to download the Commons Logging 1.0.1 release (convenient links are provided in the logging directory) and replace your copy of commons-logging.jar with the one found in the 1.0.1 release.

Struts blank application - There is a configuration error in the Struts blank application bundled with beta 2. Please use the replacement application in the WAR posted here instead.