Changes from Ant 1.10.9 TO Ant 1.10.10

Fixed bugs:

 * SCP (with sftp=true) task would fail if fetching file located in root directory
   Bugzilla Report 64742

 * javac task would fail if the arguments file it (internally) created didn't quote
   the # character. This has now been fixed.
   Bugzilla Reports 64912, 64790

 * made sure LegacyXmlResultFormatter encodes characters illegal in
   XML the same way JUnit5's built-in formatter would.
   Bugzilla Report 65030

 * LegacyXmlResultFormatter no longer double-encodes <>& in system-err
   and system-out
   Bugzilla Report 63436

 * Fixes a bug in junitlauncher task's legacy-xml formatter, where the testcase
   representing a @Parameterized JUnit4 test wasn't being reported in the XML.
   Bugzilla Report 64952

 * Fixes a bug where the ant-testutil-sources.jar that gets published to Maven
   central repository didn't contain any source files.
   Bugzilla Report 65110

 * The <http> condition didn't follow redirects from http to https.
   Bugzilla Report 65105

 * ZipOutputStream now overrides write(int) in order to make sure
   single byte writes get the same treatment as array writes.
   Github Pull Request #145

 * Fixes a potential deadlock in junitlauncher task when using legacy-xml
   Bugzilla Report 64733

Other changes:

 * javaversion condition now has a new "atmost" attribute. See the javaversion
   manual for more details

 * The "listener" nested element of the "junitlauncher" task now has a new
   "useLegacyReportingName" attribute which can be used to control the test
   identifiers names that get reported by the listener. See the junitlauncher
   manual for more details.
   Note that this change also introduces a new "setUseLegacyReportingName" method
   on the
   interface. This will break backward compatibility with any of your custom
   result formatters which implemented this interface and such implementations
   are now expected to implement this new method.

 * a new attribute preserveduplicates allows <resourcelist> to return
   the same resource multiple times when set to true.
   Bugzilla Report 64854

 * a new attribute filterbeforeconcat in <concat> can be used to
   decide whether the filterchain should be applied to the
   concatenated content (the default) or each nested resource
   individually before concatenating them.
   Bugzilla Report 64855

 * the ssh tasks now share a new nested element additionalConfig that
   can be used to set config values for the jsch Session used by the
   Bugzilla Report 65089

 * added new discardOutput and discardError properties to redirector
   and the exec, apply and java tasks which can be used to completely
   discard any (error) output. This is a platform independent
   alternative to directiong output to any kind of null device.

 * junitlauncher now prints a more useful and instantaneous summary of
   tests being run, closely matching the junit task's summary.
   Bugzilla Report 64836