Changes from Ant 1.10.1 TO Ant 1.10.2

Changes that could break older environments:

 * updated the dependency of BCEL to 6.2.
   Bugzilla Report 61196

 * delete task previously would silently accept wildcard (*)
   value for the "file" attribute. That's no longer the case
   and an exception could get thrown by the underlying filesystem
   for such use. Usage like:

   <delete file="/foo/bar/*.something"/>

   should instead be changed to use resource collections like:

   	 <fileset dir="/foo/bar/" includes="*.something"/>

 * Commons Net 3.6 is binary-code, but not source compatible;
   see change list of Commons Net 3.0 for details

 * The Log4jListener is marked as deprecated as the required log4j library
   (in version 1.x) is not maintained any more.

 * Image task is marked as deprecated as the required JAI library is not
   maintained any more and internal APIs that JAI depended on are no longer
   available in Java 9.

Fixed bugs:

 * <genkey>'s <dname> child now skips <param>s that lack a key or
   Bugzilla Report 60767

 * bootstrapping Ant on Windows failed
   Bugzilla Report 61027

 * Fixed the issue where the SCP based tasks would try to change
   the permissions on the parent directory of a transferred file,
   instead of changing it on the transferred file itself.
   Bugzilla Reports 59648 and 43271

 * Fixed the issue where the source file being copied could end
   up being corrupted if the target of the copy happened to be
   the same source file (symlinked back to itself).
   Bugzilla Report 60644

 * Fixed the issue where symlink creation with "overwrite=false",
   on existing symlink whose target was a directory, would end
   up creating a new symlink under the target directory.
   Bugzilla Report 58683

 * Improvement to the Zip task for reduced memory usage in certain
   cases. Thanks to Glen Lewis for reporting the issue and
   suggesting the fix.
   Bugzilla Report 19516

 * Fixed an issue where the content redirected from output/error
   streams of a process, could end up being truncated.
   Bugzilla Report 58833, 58451

 * <fileset>/<zipfileset>/<tarfileset> will now throw an exception
   with a more useful error message when setFile is called twice on
   the same instance.
   Bugzilla Report 62071

Other changes:

 * Added forceCsvQuoteChar option to <csv> task. When enabled the
   values always get quoted.
   Github Pull Request #32

 * Added <encoding> attributes to various script related tasks and a
   compiled attribute to scriptdef.
   Github Pull Request #30

 * Added support for jarsigner's -tsadigestalg to <signjar>.
   Bugzilla Report 60665

 * added "regexp" attribute to <linecontainsregexp>
   Bugzilla Report 60968

 * reduced GC pressure by replacing all usage of FileInputStream and

 * Task can now also use attribute setters that expect a
   java.nio.file.Path argument.
   Bugzilla Report 61042

 * added a new magic property that can be used to
   override the current time/date used by <tstamp>.
   Bugzilla Report 61079

 * added Orion support to ejbjar
   Github Pull Request #33

 * SCP task, when configured to use SFTP protocol, now preserves last
   modified timestamp on files that it uploads, if the
   preserveLastModified attribute is set to true for that task
   Bugzilla Report 58589

 * zip and the related tasks can now set the modification time of all
   entries to a fixed timestamp.
   Github Pull Request #36

 * Jsch library dependency has now been upgraded to 0.1.54. Jsch is
   the library behind the sshexec and scp Ant tasks.
   Bugzilla Report 61718

 * Added a new <javaversion> condition.

 * added "javac10+" as new supported value for javac's compiler attribute.

 * javah has been removed from Java 10. The task will now throw an
   exception if you try to use it while running Java 10 or newer.

 * Updated Maven Ant Tasks, Jakarta Regexp and JUnit 4 to the latest
   stable version (2.1.3, 1.4, and 4.12 respectively); updated
   JRuby to the latest Java 5 compatible version (1.6.8); added
   resolve target for AntUnit to facilitate updates.
   Github Pull Request #50

 * Updated Java Mail API, Jython, Rhino and Commons Net to the latest
   stable version (1.6.0, 2.7.0, and 3.6, respectively).
   Github Pull Request #53