Changes from Ant 1.10.5 TO Ant 1.10.6

Changes that could break older environments:

 * image task no longer works on Java 9+ because internal classes
   supporting Java Advanced Imaging are removed; imageio task (based on
   ImageIO and AWT) is provided as a replacement.

 * junitlauncher task has changed the class names and package names of
   the task as well as some of the supporting classes of that task. If
   any code depended on these class or package names, they will have to
   be updated to reference these newly named classes. This however,
   doesn't impact build scripts if their reference to junitlauncher task
   was merely through the use of the <junitlauncher> element.

 * ClearCase#runS has been augmented by a two arg-version and the
   one-arg version will no longer be called. This may affect
   subclasses that have overridden runS.

Fixed bugs:

 * fetch.xml must retrieve runtime rather than compile dependencies for
   mail task.
   Bugzilla Report 62621

 * Fixes an issue in junitreport task, which used to throw a when saxon was used on Windows OS.
   Bugzilla Report 62594

 * augment task now throws a BuildException (as noted in its manual)
   instead of a IllegalStateException in the absence of the "id" attribute.
   Bugzilla Report 62655

 * would sometimes potentially use
   an incorrect compression level for a zip entry. This is now fixed.
   Bugzilla Report 62686

 * sync task, in some cases on case insensitive file systems, would consider
   a file in a destination directory to be orphaned and would delete it.
   This task has now been fixed to infer the case sensitivity of the filesystem
   of the destination directory.
   Bugzilla Report 62890

 * Fixes a potential java.util.ConcurrentModificationException in
   Github Pull Request #81

 * cccheckout would ignore an error of the "ls checkout" command even
   if failOnError was set to false.
   Bugzilla Report 63071

 * The isreachable condition could in some cases return true even if the
   actual address could potentially be unreachable. This is now fixed
   and the resolved address is actually checked for reachability.

 * Fixes an issue where scp transfer completion tracking wasn't being
   triggered for 100% completion.
   Github Pull Request #91

Other changes:
 * generatekey task now supports SubjectAlternativeName during key

 * the <modified> selector has a new built-in algorithm 'lastmodified'
   which computes a value based upon the lastmodified time of the file.

 * junitlauncher task now supports running tests in a forked JVM. More
   details available in the junitlauncher task manual.

 * signjar and verifyjar now support the -providerName, -providerClass
   and -providerArg command line options of keytool via new attributes.
   Bugzilla Report 65234

 * signjar and verifyjar now supported nested <arg> elements for
   command line arguments that are not supported explicitly by the
   tasks via attributes.

 * added several attributes to <javadoc> that support modules.
   Bugzilla Report 62424

 * properties used or set by BuildFileTask/BuildFileRule are documented
   in MagicTestNames. A new magic property, ant.test.basedir.ignore, is
   introduced for cases where Ant projects set up for test purposes
   must ignore basedir set externally by test harness.

 * a new CharSet type is provided for encoding or charset attributes in
   tasks that must deal with different character encodings in files,
   file names and other string resources.

 * is now multi-release jar aware.
   Starting Java 9, jar files can be packaged as multi-release jars,
   AntClassLoader now recognizes such multi-release jar files while
   loading resources at runtime in Java 9+ runtime environments.
   Bugzilla Report 62952

 * Added jmod and link tasks, to support jmod and jlink tools of JDK 9+.
   Github Pull Request #80

 * Jsch library dependency has now been upgraded to 0.1.55. Jsch is
   the library behind the sshexec and scp Ant tasks.
   Github Pull Request #84

 * The "http" condition, now has a "readTimeout" attribute which can be
   used to control the amount of time to wait for the read to complete.
   Bugzilla Report 63193

 * ftp task manual has been updated to mention that the remote listing of
   files honours the followsymlinks attribute.
   Bugzilla Report 63226