Changes from Ant 1.10.8 TO Ant 1.10.9

Fixed bugs:

 * the ftp task could throw a NullPointerException if an error occured
   Bugzilla Report 64438

 * propertyset now also sees in-scope local properties
   Bugzilla Report 50179

 * replaced our version of ReaderInputStream with the battle-tested
   version of Apache Commons IO as our version had problems with
   surrogate pairs (and likely other edge cases as well).
   Bugzilla Report 40455

 * <fixcrlf> will no longer remove the temporary file it just created
   before writing to it.

 * <sshexec> and <scp> didn't deal with wildcard hostnames in ssh
   config files properly.
   Bugzilla Report 64530

Other changes:

 * Ant will no longer log a warning if it doesn't find tools.jar
   Bugzilla Report 63577

 * the <jar> task accepts now a nested <indexjarsmapper> element
   that can be used to perform custom filename transformations
   for the <indexjars> archives.
   Github Pull Request #134

 * added a new PropertyEnumerator interface that extensions can
   provide if they are managing properties unknown to the Ant project.

 * added some special code to support GraalVM JavaScript as
   javax.script scripting engine for JavaScript. In particular we
   relax some security settings of GraalVM so that scripts can access
   Ant objects.

   Also Ant enables Nashorn compatibility mode by default, you can
   disable that by setting the magic Ant property
   ant.disable.graal.nashorn.compat to true.

   See the script task manual for additional details.

 * If the magic property ant.tmpdir hasn't been set and Ant can
   control the permissions of directories it creates it will create an
   owner-owned temporary directory unaccessible to others as default
   tempdir as soon as a temporary file is created for the first time,