Changes from Ant 1.8.4 TO Ant 1.9.0

Changes that could break older environments:

 * Ant now requires at least Java 1.5 to compile and to run  

 * FixCRLF used to treat the EOL value ASIS to convert to the system property 
   line.separator. Specified was that ASIS would leave the EOL characters alone,
   the task now really leaves the EOL characters alone. This also implies that
   EOL ASIS will not insert a newline even if fixlast is set to true.
   Bugzilla report 53036

 * The CommandLauncher hierarchy that used to be a set of inner
   classes of Execute has been extracted to the package.

 * Any FileResource whose represented File has a parent also has a basedir.

 * Removing the Perforce Ant tasks replaced by tasks supplied by Perforce Inc.

 * Setting the default encoding of StringResource to UTF-8 instead of null

 * Upgrade JUnit 4 to JUnit 4.11

Fixed bugs:

 * Made VectorSet faster.
   Bugzilla Report 53622.

 * Incorrect URLs in Ant child POMs.
   Bugzilla Report 53617.

 * Subclasses of JUnitTask did not correctly find junit.jar.
   Bugzilla Report 53571.

 * External XML catalog resolver failed to use project basedir when given an
   unmentioned relative path like the internal resolver does.
   Bugzilla Report 52754.

 * Fixed some potential stream leaks.
   Bugzilla Reports 52738, 52740, 52742, 52743.

 * Updated documentation to fix spelling errors / broken links.
   Bugzilla Reports 53215, 53291, 53202
 * Unable to override system properties. It was not possible not to override
   system properties from the command line (or from a property file).
   Bugzilla Report 51792
 * <javac> by default fails when run on JDK 8.
   Bugzilla Report 53347.

 * ExtensionPoint doesn't work with nested import/include
   Bugzilla Report 53405.

 * <packagemapper> failed to strip the non-matched parts with
   Bugzilla Report 53399.

 * <expandproperties> filter caused a NullPointerExcpetion when input
   was empty.
   Bugzilla Report 53626.

 * <get> now supports HTTP redirects using status code 307.
   Bugzilla Report 54374.

 * ssh tasks prompt for kerberos username/password under Java 7
   Bugzilla Report 53437.

 * Zip task on <mappedresources> that excludes certain files by way of the mapper resulted in a NullPointerException
   Bugzilla Report 54026

 * The ant launcher script should properly detect JAVA_HOME on
   MacOS X 10.7
   Bugzilla Report 52632

 * Depend task does not handle invokeDynamic constant pool entries - java.lang.ClassFormatError: Invalid Constant Pool entry Type 18
   Bugzilla Report 54090

 * Base64Converter not properly handling bytes with MSB set (not masking byte to int conversion)
   Bugzilla Report 54460

 * The size resource comparator would return wrong results if file
   sizes differed by more than 2 GB.
   Bugzilla Report 54623

 * Unable to encode properly into UTF-8 when the system property file.encoding is
   set to ANSI_X3.4-1968.
   Bugzilla Report 54606

 * JUnit4 tests marked @Ignore do not appear in XML output
   Bugzilla Report 43969

Other changes:

 * merged the ZIP package from Commons Compress, it can now read
   archives using Zip64 extensions (files and archives bigger that 4GB
   and with more that 64k entries).

 * a new task <commandlaucher> can be used to configure the
   CommandLauncher used by Ant when forking external programs or new
   Java VMs.
   Bugzilla Report 52706.

 * merged the TAR package from Commons Compress, it can now read
   archives using POSIX extension headers and STAR extensions.

 * merged the BZIP2 package from Commons Compress, it can now
   optionally read files that contain multiple streams properly.

 * <bunzip2> will now properly expand files created by pbzip2 and
   similar tools that create files with multiple bzip2 streams.

 * <tar> now supports a new "posix" option for longfile-mode which
   will make it create PAX extension headers for long file names.  PAX
   extension headers are supported by all modern implementations of
   tar including GNU tar.
   This option should now be used in preference to "warn" or "gnu" as
   it is more portable.  For backwards compatibility reasons "warn"
   will still create "gnu" extensions rather than "posix" extensions.

 * The ProjectHelper class now exposes a method to be used by third party
   implementations to properly resolve the binding between target extensions
   and extension points.
   Bugzilla Report 53549.

 * Make extension point bindable to imported prefixed targets
   Bugzilla Report 53550.

 * Add the possibility to register a custom command line argument processor.
   See and manual/argumentprocessor.html

 * add the possibility to suppress stdout in the sshexec task.
   Bugzilla Report 50270.

 * add an encoding attribute to the contains selector.
   This will be useful to use the contains selector if the encoding of the VM is different from the encoding
   of the files being selected.