Changes from Ant 1.9.1 TO 1.9.2

Fixed bugs:

 * Parsing of zip64 extra fields has become more lenient in order to
   be able to read archives created by DotNetZip and maybe other
   archivers as well.

 * TarInputStream should now properly read GNU longlink entries' names.
   Bugzilla Report 55040.

 * <java> and <exec> used to be too restrictive when evaluating
   whether a given set of options is compatible with spawning the new
   Bugzilla Report 55112.

Other changes:

 * <javadoc> will now post-process the generated in order to mitigate
   the frame injection attack possible in javadocs generated by Oracle
   JDKs prior to Java7 Update 25.  The vulnerability is known as
   There is an option to turn off the post-processing but it is only
   recommended you do so if all your builds use a JDK that's not
   Bugzilla Report 55132.