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[PARENTDIR] Parent Directory - [   ] apr-util_20020707163148.tar.gz 2002-07-07 20:28 218K [   ] apr-util_20020725223700.tar.gz 2002-07-25 22:48 234K [   ] apr_20020707163141.tar.gz 2002-07-07 20:28 743K [   ] apr_20020725223645.tar.gz 2002-07-25 22:49 706K

Long-lived APR snapshots

These tarballs come from the area, and have been placed here so they will stick around a bit longer. (the snapshots directly recycles them, keeping just one day's worth)

NOTE: These are merely snapshots of the CVS repository at a specific time and day. They are not guaranteed to work, nor are they official releases. They've been placed here simply as a means of having a (somewhat) persistent URL for referencing tarballs of APR and APRUTIL.