MSI Binary Distribution Packages

Some Windows 98 and Office 2000 users report they have a very early (incompatible) version of the Windows Installer that was installed by Windows 98 or Office 2000. Check your version is 1.10 or later and upgrade, if that isn't the case, by following the directions at the /dist/httpd/binaries/win32/ downloads page.

Note: Some folks who already installed the Microsoft Installer, or are using Windows ME or 2000, report that they cannot double click the .msi file to start the installation. Sorry that your registry was somehow corrupted, but you can get around this problem by running the following command with Start -> Run...

     MSIEXEC /i d:\path\to\file\apache_version.msi
Substitute the downloaded drive, path and file name. This may be a symptom that you are running an older version of the MSI installer (see above.)

Here are some links to troubleshooting pages at Microsoft, first see if any of these reports solve your problem.

Just about any error, some general troubleshooting
Make sure the source directory, e.g. the directory that contains the downloaded MSI package, has "full control" security for you and the "LocalSystem" (or "SYSTEM") internal user account. The system runs some Administrative phases in that user context on Windows NT and 2000. [Discovered by Alain Fontaine]
Error 2355, Corrupt Cabinet File
Check that the file is error-free (good time to start checking the PGP signature for validity, as well) and if that fails...
Error 2755, Unexpected Error
If you track down any other interesting, relevent citations, please pass them along!

To help you any further, we need to see the error log. You can make one by using the following command when attempting to install Apache:

    MSIEXEC /I apache_install_package.msi /L*v YourLogFileName.txt