Apache JServ Distribution

This directory contains the latest Apache JServSSI source and binary distributions.

This archive is maintained purely for historic purposes. The Java Apache Project ceased its devlopment in 1999 and all codebases were moved or superseeded by those found at the Apache Jakarta Project or Apache XML Project.

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[PARENTDIR] Parent Directory - [DIR] old/ 2002-06-26 11:00 - [   ] ApacheJSSI-1.1.2-docs.tar.gz 2002-06-26 10:53 76K [   ] ApacheJSSI-1.1.2-docs.zip 2002-06-26 10:53 123K [   ] ApacheJSSI-1.1.2.tar.gz 1999-06-22 23:34 75K [   ] ApacheJSSI-1.1.2.zip 1999-06-22 23:33 120K

Apache JSSI is a servlet and thus requires a compatible servlet engine in order to run. This servlets works with JSDK 2.0 compliant servlet engines.

Even if Apache JSSI is fully compliant and therefore fully portable between different servlet environments, it has been tested only with the Apache JServ servlet engine.