The Apache/Perl Module List

Maintained by Doug MacEachern,
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Playing Your Part
The Apache/Perl Modules
Where Are The Modules Kept?
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The Apache/Perl module list is here for the same reason as the main Perl module list, to change duplication of effort into cooperation and help to save the world! Apache/Perl modules are somewhat different from the many others found on CPAN. Most Perl modules are "building blocks", developers use them to build applications or even more building blocks. It just so happens that Apache/Perl modules are encapsulted inside a namespace and .pm file. However, this does not make them all building blocks, many are just like apache modules written in C, you install, edit the server configuration files and you're done. Before you start a new module, consider this: Apache/Perl modules are useless outside of mod_perl and Apache. Do your best to design such that your Apache::* module will make good use of the building blocks found on CPAN, putting together new building blocks where appropriate and simply glue them together with the Apache API, keeping the Apache::* modules very small.

These modules will also serve as good examples, showing you where modules can step in during a stage of a request with Perl*Handler callbacks. You'll also see how and when to use the Apache API methods.

Playing Your Part

Apache and Perl are world-wide collaborative efforts, naturally, the Apache/Perl integration project is the same.
You've started on the right foot simply by reading this document, thanks!
Please be sure you've read the main Perl module list, all that is said there is relevant here!

If you have any additions or changes for the list, please send them to the Apache/Perl mailing list or to me.

If you wish to share you module(s) the Perl way, by putting them on CPAN, send a request to me or to get set up with a PAUSE user id and directory.

HINT: For a nice set of template files try this:

% h2xs -AX -n Apache::YourPackageName

The Apache/Perl modules


* PerlHandler's
AddrMunge	bdpf	Munge email addresses in webpages	MJD
AutoIndex	Rdcf	Lists directory content			GOZER
Archive		bdpf	Make linked contents pages of .tar(.gz) JPETERSON
ASP		bdpO	Implement Active Server Pages		CHAMAS
BBS		cdpO 	BBS like System for Apache		MKOSS
CallHandler	cdpf	Map filenames to subroutine calls	GKNOPS
Cachet		i	OutputChain with caching		MERLYN
Compress	bdpO	Compress content on the fly		KWILLIAM
Dir		i	OO (subclassable) mod_dir replacement 	DOUGM
Dispatch        bmpf    Call PerlHandlers as CGI scripts        GEOFF
Embperl		Rmcf	Embed Perl in HTML			GRICHTER
EmbperlChain	bdpO	Feed handler output to Embperl		CHOLET
ePerl		Rdpr  	Fast emulated Embedded Perl (ePerl)	RSE            
Filter		RdpO	OutputChain like functionality		KWILLIAM
Forward		bdpO	OutputChain like functionality		MPB
FTP		i	Full-fledged FTP proxy			PMKANE
Gateway		bdpf	A multiplexing gateway			CCWF
GzipChain	bmpf	Compress files on the fly		ANDK
iNcom		bdpf	An e-commerce framework			FRAJULAC
Layer		bdpf	Layer content tree over one or more	SAM
Magick		bdpf	Image conversion on-the-fly		MPB
Mason		bdpO	Build sites w/ modular Perl/HTML blocks	JSWARTZ
ModuleDoc	bdpf	Self documentation for Apache C modules	DOUGM
NavBar		bdpO	Navigation bar generator		MPB
NNTPGateway	adpf	A Web based NNTP (usenet) interface	BOUBAKER
OutputChain     bmpO	Chain output of stacked handlers	JANPAZ
OWA		bdpf	Runs Oracle PL/SQL Web Toolkit apps	SVINTO
PageKit         ampO    Application framework w/ HTML::Template TJMATHER
PassFile	bdpf	Send file via OutputChain		ANDK
PerlRun		Smpf	Run unaltered CGI scripts		APML
PrettyPerl      Rdpf    Syntax highlighting for Perl files	RA
PrettyText	bdpf	Re-format .txt files for client display	CHTHORMAN
RandomLocation	bdpf	Random image display 			RKOBES
Registry	Smpf	Run unaltered CGI scripts 		APML
RobotRules	cdpf	Enforce robot rules (robots.txt)	PARKER
Sandwich	bmpf	Layered document (sandwich) maker	VKHERA
ShowRequest	bdpf	Show phases and module participation	DOUGM
SimpleReplace   ampf    Simple replacement template tool        GEOFF
SSI		RmpO	Implement server-side includes in Perl	KWILLIAM
SSIChain	bmpO	SSI on other modules output		JANPAZ
Stage		Rdpf	Manage a document staging directory	ANDK
TarGzip		c						ZENIN
TimedRedirect	bdpf	Redirect urls for a given time period	PETERM 
UploadSvr	bdpO	A lightweight publishing system		ANDK
VhostSandwich  cdpf    Virtual host layered document maker     MARKC
WDB		bdpf	Database query/edit tool using DBI	JROWE
WebSQL		cdpO	Adaptation of Sybase's WebSQL		GUNTHER

* PerlInitHandler's
RequestNotes    ampf    Pass cookie & form data around pnotes   GEOFF

* PerlHeaderParserHandler's
AgentDeny	cdpf	Deny abusive User-Agents		ROBH

* PerlAuthenHandler's
AuthAny		bdpf	Authenticate with any username/password	MPB
AuthenCache	bmpf	Cache authentication credentials	JBODNAR
AuthCookie	RdpO	Authen + Authz via cookies		KWILLIAM
AuthenDBI	bmpO	Authenticate via Perl's DBI		MERGL
AuthenGSS	cdpf    Generic Security Service (RFC 2078)	DOUGM
AuthenIMAP	bdpf	Authentication via an IMAP server	MICB
AuthenPasswdSrv bdpf	External authentication server		JEFFH
AuthenPasswd	bdpf	Authenticate against /etc/passwd	DEP
AuthLDAP	bdpf	LDAP authentication module		CDONLEY
AuthPerLDAP	bdpf	LDAP authentication module (PerLDAP)	HENRIK
AuthenNIS	bdpf	NIS authentication			DEP
AuthNISPlus	bdpF	NIS Plus authentication/authorization	VALERIE
AuthenRaduis	bdpf	Authentication via a Radius server	DANIEL
AuthenSmb	bdpf	Authenticate against NT server		PARKER
AuthenURL	bdpf	Authenticate via another URL		JGROENVEL
DBILogin	bdpf	Authenticate to backend database 	JGROENVEL
DCELogin	bdpf	Obtain a DCE login context		DOUGM
PHLogin		bdpf	Authenticate via a PH database		JGROENVEL
TicketAccess	bdpO	Ticket based access/authentication	MPB

* PerlAuthzHandler's
AuthCookie	bdpf	Authen + Authz via cookies		EBARTLEY
AuthzAge	bmpf	Authorize based on age			APML
AuthzDCE	cdpf	DFS/DCE ACL based access control	DOUGM
AuthzDBI	bmpO	Group authorization via Perl's DBI	MERGL
AuthzGender	bdpf	Authorize based on gender		MPB
AuthzNIS	bdpf	NIS authorization			DEP
AuthzPasswd	bdpf	Authorize against /etc/passwd		DEP
AuthzSSL	bdpf	Authorize based on client cert		MPB
RoleAuthz	i	Role-based authorization		DOUGM

* PerlAccessHandler's
AccessLimitNum	bmpf	Limit user access by number of requests	APML
BlockAgent	bdpf	Block access from certain agents	MPB
DayLimit	bmpf	Limit access based on day of week	MPB
IPThrottle	cdpf	Limit bandwith consumption by IP	MERLYN
RobotLimit	cdpf	Limit access of robots			PARKER
SpeedLimit	bdpf	Control client request rate		MPB

* PerlTypeHandler's
AcceptLanguage	cdpf	Send file type based on language pref	ROBH
MIME		bdcf	Perl implementation of mod_mime		MPB
MimeDBI		bdpf	Type mapping from a DBI database	MPB
MimeXML		bdpf	mime encoding sniffer for XML files	MSERGEANT
* PerlTransHandler's    (May also include a PerlHandler)
AdBlocker	bdpf	Block advertisement images		MPB
AddHostPath	adpf    Prepends parts of hostname to URI       RJENKS
AnonProxy	bdpf	Anonymizing proxy			MPB
Checksum	bdpf	Manage document checksum trees		MPB
DynaRPC		i	Dynamically translate URIs into RPCs	DOUGM
LowerCaseGETs	bdpf	Lowercase URI's when needed		PLISTER
MsqlProxy	bmpf	Translate URI's into mSQL queries	APML
ProxyPass	bdpf	Perl implementation of ProxyPass	MJS
ProxyPassThru	bdpO	Skeleton for vanilla proxy		RMANGI
ProxyCache	i	Caching proxy				DOUGM
StripSession	bdpf	Strip session info from URI		MPB
Throttle        bdpf    Speed-based content negotiation         DONS
TransLDAP	bdpf	Translate URIs to LDAP queries		CDONLEY

* PerlFixupHandler's
HttpEquiv	bdpf	HTML HTTP-EQUIV tags to HTTP headers	ROBH
RefererBlock	bdpf	Block based on MIME type + Referer	CHOLET
Timeit		bmpf	Benchmark PerlHandlers			APML
Usertrack	bdpf	Perl version of mod_usertrack		ABH

* PerlLogHandler's
DBILogConfig	bdpf	Custom format logging via DBI		JBODNAR
DBILogger	bdpf	Logging via DBI				ABH
DumpHeaders	bdpf	Watch HTTP transaction via headers	DOUGM
LogMail		bdpf	Log certain requests via email		MPB 
Traffic		bdpf	Logs bytes transferred, per-user basis 	MAURICE
WatchDog	c	Look for problematic URIs		DOUGM

* PerlChildInitHandler's
Resource	Smpf	Limit resources used by httpd children	APML

* Server Configuration
ConfigLDAP	i	Config via LDAP and <Perl>		MARKK
ConfigDBI	i	Config via DBI and <Perl>		MARKIM
ModuleConfig	SmcO	Interface to configuration API		APML
PerlSections	SmpO	Utilities for <Perl> sections		APML
httpd_conf	bmpO	Methods to configure and run an httpd	APML
src		SmpO	Finding and reading bits of source	APML

* Database
DBI		bmpO	Persistent DBI connection mgmt.		MERGL
Sybase::DBlib   bmpO    Persistent DBlib connection mgmt.	BMILLET
Sybase::CTlib	bapO	Persistent CTlib connection mgmt.	MDOWNING
Mysql		bdpO	Persistent connection mgmt. for Mysql	NJENSEN

* Interfaces and integration with Apache C structures and modules
Apache		SmcO	Interface to request_rec struct + API	APML
Backhand	bdcr	Bridge between mod_backhand + mod_perl	DLOWE
CmdParms	SmcO	Interface to Apache cmd_parms struct	APML
Command		bmcO	Interface to Apache command_rec struct	APML
Connection	SmcO	Inteface to Apache conn_rec struct	APML
Constants	Smcf	Constants defined in httpd.h		APML
ExtUtils	SmpO	Utils for Apache:C/Perl glue		APML
File		SmcO	Methods for working with files		APML 
Handler		bmcO	Interface to Apache handler_rec struct	APML
Log		SmcO	ap_log_error interface			APML
LogFile		bmcO	Interface to Apache's piped logs, etc.	APML
Module		bmcO	Interface to Apache module struct	APML
Scoreboard      RdcO    Perl interface to Apache's scoreboard.h DOUGM
Server		SmcO	Interface to Apache server_rec struct	APML
SubProcess	cmcO	Interface to Apache subprocess API	APML
Table		SmcO	Interface to Apache table struct + API 	APML
URI		SmcO	URI component parsing and unparsing	APML
Util		Smcf	Interface to Apache's util*.c functions	APML

* HTTP Method handlers
PATCH		bdpf	HTTP PATCH method handler		MPB
PUT		cdpf	HTTP PUT method handler 		SORTIZ
Roaming		bdpO	PUT/GET/MOVE/DELETE (Netscape Roaming)	JWEID

* Watchdog and Monitoring tools
SizeLimit         Smpf    Graceful exit for large children        APML
GTopLimit	  Rdpn	  Child exit on small shared or large mem STAS
Status            Smpf    Embedded interpreter runtime status     APML
VMonitor          Rdpn    Visual System and Processes Monitor     STAS
Watchdog::RunAway Rdpn    RunAway processes watchdog/terminator   STAS

* Development and Debug tools
DB		amcO	Hook Perl interactive DB into mod_perl	DOUGM
Debug		Rmpf	mod_perl debugging utilities		APML
DebugInfo       ampO    Per-request data logging                GEOFF
DProf		bmcf	Hook Devel::DProf into mod_perl		DOUGM
FakeRequest	ampO	Implement Apache methods off-line	APML
Leak		bmcf	Memory leak tracking routines		APML
Peek		amcf	Devel::Peek for mod_perl		APML
SawAmpersand	bmpf	Make sure noone is using $&, $' or $`	APML
SmallProf	bmpf	Hook Devel::SmallProf into mod_perl	DOUGM
StatINC		Smpf	Reload require'd files when updated	APML
Symbol		bmcO	Things for symbol things		APML
Symdump		bmpf	Symbol table snapshots to disk		APML
test		Smpf	Handy routines for 'make test' scripts	APML

* Misc
Byterun		i	Run Perl bytecode modules		DOUGM
Cookie		amcO	C version of CGI::Cookie		APML
Icon		bdcO	Access to AddIcon* configuration	DOUGM
Include		Smpf	mod_include + Apache::Registry handler	APML
Mmap		bdcf	Share data via Mmap module		FLETCH
Motd            bmpf    Add Message of the Day functionality    CRAMIREZ
ParseLog	bdpO	OO interface to Apache log files	AKIRA
RegistryLoader	SmpO	Apache::Registry startup script loader 	APML
Request		amcO functionality using API methods	APML
Safe		ampO	Adaptation of "safecgiperl"		APML
Session		bmpO	Maintain client <-> httpd session/state	JBAKER
Servlet		ampO	Interface to the Java Servlet engine	IKLUFT
SIG		SmpO	Signal handlers for mod_perl		APML
State		i	Powerful state engine			RSE
TempFile	bdpf	Manage temporary files			TOMHUGHES
Upload		amcO	File upload class			APML

Where Are The Modules Kept?

Modules listed with the APML as is contact are part of the mod_perl distribution package. Other modules can be found on CPAN the modules/by-module/Apache/ directory. If they have not made it to CPAN yet, they might be found in the mod_perl contrib directory, which is also tar'd and distributed via CPAN in the modules/by-module/Apache/ directory. Otherwise, feel free to ask the contact author or the list how you can go about getting your hands on a copy.


ABH  	  Ask Bjørn Hansen <>
AKIRA	  Akira Hangai <>
ANDK	  Andreas König <a.koenig@franz.ww.TU-Berlin.DE>
APML	  The Apache/Perl Mailing List <>
BMILLETT  Brian Millett <>
BOUBAKER  Heddy Boubaker <>
CCWF	  Charles C. Fu &lt;;
CDONLEY   Clayton Donley <>
CHAMAS	  Joshua Chamas <>
CHOLET	  Eric Cholet <>
CHTHORMAN Chris Thorman <>
CRAMIREZ  Carlos Ramirez <>
DANIEL	  Daniel <>
DEP	  Demetrios E. Paneras <>
DLOWE	  David Lowe <>
DONS	  Don Schwarz <>
DOUGB     Doug Bagley <>
DOUGM	  Doug MacEachern <>
EBARTLEY  Eric Bartley  <>
FLETCH    Mike Fletcher <>
FRAJULAC  Francis J. Lacoste <>
GEOFF     Geoffrey Young <>
GKNOPS	  Gerd Knops <>
GOZER	  Philippe M. Chiasson <>
GRICHTER  Gerald Richter <>
GUNTHER   Gunther Birznieks <>
HENRIK	  Henrik Strom <>
HMUELLER  Hanno Mueller <>
IKLUFT	  Ian Kluft <>
JANPAZ	  Honza Pazdziora <>
JBAKER    Jeffrey Baker <>
JBODNAR	  Jason Bodnar <>
JGROV	  John D Groenveld <>
JEFFH	  Jeffrey Hulten <>
JROWE	  Jeff Rowe <>
JSWARTZ	  Jonathan Swartz <>
JWEID	  Jochen Wiedmann <>
KWILLIAM  Ken Williams  <>
LDS	  Lincoln D. Stein <>
MARKC	  Mark Constable <>
MARKIM	  Mark A. Imbriaco <>
MARKK	  Mark Kennedy <>
MAURICE	  Maurice Aubrey <>
MDARWIN	  Matthew Darwin <>
MDORMAN	  Michael Alan Dorman  <>
MDOWNING  Mark Downing <>
MERGL	  Edmund Mergl <>
MERLYN	  Randal L. Schwartz <>
MJD	  Mark-Jason Dominus <>
MJS       Michael Smith <>
MKOSS	  Max Kossatzmax <>
MICB  	  Malcolm Beattie <>
MPB	  mod_perl book (Doug and Lincoln) <>
MSERGEANT Matt Sergeant <>
RA        Roman Kosenko <>
NJENSEN	  Neil Jensen <>
PARKER	  Michael Parker <>
PETERM	  Peter Marshall <>
JPETERSON  Jonathan Peterson <>
PLISTER   Peter Lister <>
PMKANE	  Patrick Michael Kane <>
PTI	  Peter Tillemans <>
RJENKS	  Robert Jenks <>
RKOBES	  Randy Kobes <>
RMANGI    Rick Mangi <>
ROBH	  Rob Hartill <>
RSE       Ralf S. Engelschall <>
SAM	  Simon Matthews <>
SKANE     Stephen E Kane <>
SORTIZ	  Salvador Ortiz <>
STAS      Stas Bekman <>
SVINTO	  Svante Sörmark <>
TJMATHER  T.J. Mather <>
TOMHUGHES Tom Hughes <>
VALERIE	  Valerie Delane <>
VKHERA    Vivek Khera <>
ZENIN	  Byron Brummer <>

More Info

See the Apache/Perl homepage.