JIRA Report

BugUIMA-2698ClosedAlign TextMarker build of artifacts and assemblies to common process
BugUIMA-2701ClosedTextMarker: autocompletion of types with full namespace broken
BugUIMA-2703ClosedApplied type system is not updated in TextRuler
BugUIMA-2706ClosedTextMarker: Rule learning algorithms override learnt rules
BugUIMA-2709ClosedTextRuler default parameters not correct when preference page not visited
BugUIMA-2720ClosedTextMarker NEAR condition not working correctly
BugUIMA-2759ClosedTextMarker: direct assignment of type variables broken
BugUIMA-2760ClosedTextMarker's plain text annotator misses last paragraph
BugUIMA-2795ClosedBroken link to tools.textmarker.book.pdf
BugUIMA-2875ClosedUIMA Ruta launch not working for folders
ImprovementUIMA-2397ClosedTextMarker: Improve overall functionality in use cases with very large artifacts
ImprovementUIMA-2834ClosedAdd test and documentation for language extensions
New FeatureUIMA-2519ClosedTextMarker: call Java Annotators from Java UIMA projects in the same workspace
New FeatureUIMA-2536ClosedTextMarker annotator for html to plain text conversion
New FeatureUIMA-2745ClosedTextMarker: Easy way to integrate short TextMarker Scripts directly in Java
New FeatureUIMA-2757ClosedTextMarker: Add wildcard rule element
New FeatureUIMA-2823ClosedTextMarker: Easy way to create a TextMarker-based AnalysisEngineDescription
New FeatureUIMA-2831ClosedProvide command/popup to update projects in TextMarker Workbench
New FeatureUIMA-2839ClosedProvide option to avoid own vm for LaunchDelegate in TextMarker Workbench
Sub-taskUIMA-2756ClosedTextMarker: Extend language with special rules for direct regexp matching
Suitable Name SearchUIMA-2811ClosedNew name for UIMA TextMarker
TaskUIMA-2850ClosedRename UIMA TextMarker to UIMA Ruta