JIRA Report

BugUIMA-3748ClosedRuta Workbench: implicit condition for comparison of two feature values causes problem
BugUIMA-3750ClosedRuta: zero length partitioning at document start causes NPE in visibility check
BugUIMA-3753ClosedCascading Ruta modifiers in an AAE
BugUIMA-3762ClosedRuta: import package as alias in testing view
BugUIMA-3820ClosedRuta: greedy iteration of composed wildcard
BugUIMA-3841ClosedRuta: greedy composed rule element ignores -contains condition
BugUIMA-3927ClosedProblem with optional quantifiers and starting rule element annotation
BugUIMA-3932ClosedRuta documentation about inlined rules
ImprovementUIMA-3744ClosedRuta: Upgrade antlr dependency for Java 8
ImprovementUIMA-3931ClosedRuta: support direct usage of covered text
ImprovementUIMA-3971ClosedUnmarkAll action in Ruta also unmarks DocumentAnnotation
New FeatureUIMA-3767ClosedRuta: update versions of poms and plugins
New FeatureUIMA-3780ClosedRuta: allow HtmlConverter to keep whitespaces
New FeatureUIMA-3833ClosedRuta: Add control structure for single matches
New FeatureUIMA-3938ClosedPatch with new features for UIMA Ruta's Check Annotations View
New FeatureUIMA-3956ClosedAdded new Functions-Extension for UIMA RUTA