JIRA Report

BugUIMA-4583ResolvedRuta: jumpto rule broken in explanation view
BugUIMA-4605ResolvedInitialization of annotator class "org.apache.uima.ruta.engine.RutaEngine" failed
BugUIMA-4771ResolvedRuta: destroy of imported analysis engines is not called
BugUIMA-4784ResolvedRuta: Invalid characters in compiled TWL files
BugUIMA-4822ResolvedRuta: feature expressions on label expressions
BugUIMA-4833ResolvedRuta: strictImport not transitive for scripts imports
BugUIMA-4839ResolvedRuta: autocompletion fails with warning and error dialog
BugUIMA-4842ResolvedRuta: NPE with macro with no arguments
BugUIMA-4848ResolvedRuta: problem with using named block in CALL
BugUIMA-4850ResolvedRuta: workbench reports error for FSArrays feature match
BugUIMA-4852ResolvedRuta: wrong counting in CONTEXTCOUNT condition
BugUIMA-4889ResolvedRuta: workbench reports error on string function
BugUIMA-4936ResolvedRuta: throw meaningful exception when AE is missing instead of NPE
BugUIMA-4955ResolvedRuta: too long verbalization of rule -> profiling info not visible
BugUIMA-4965ResolvedRuta: Check Annotations view stores only two types of annotations
BugUIMA-4976ResolvedRuta: explanation of rules with wrong verbalization or missing entries
BugUIMA-4977ResolvedRuta: syntax check for FOREACH block not sufficient
BugUIMA-4981ResolvedRuta: sequential matching with annotation matching condition checks only type but not offset
BugUIMA-4983ResolvedRuta: changing annotation offsets directly should cause internal update
BugUIMA-4984ResolvedRuta: DocumentAnnotation not known with strictImport
BugUIMA-5013ResolvedRuta: wildcard skips very first annotation at document start
BugUIMA-5020ResolvedRuta: descriptor build created empty import for included type system
BugUIMA-5044ResolvedRuta: NPE for window caused by getAnnotationsByTypeInContext
BugUIMA-5061ResolvedRuta: incremental partitioning does not update RutaBasic correctly
BugUIMA-5068ResolvedRuta: false postive problems for unknown features reported in editor
BugUIMA-5069ResolvedRuta: classpath of projects neglected if started without new vm
BugUIMA-5070ResolvedRuta: classpath of maven project neglected by Workbench tooling
BugUIMA-5074ResolvedRuta: strange parse error in foreach block with condition macro
BugUIMA-5089ResolvedRuta: NPE thrown for unresolvable feature if type is not known yet
BugUIMA-5090ResolvedRuta: build warning for ide parser - ResourceLiteral
ImprovementUIMA-4619ResolvedRuta: maven plugin causes endless m2e builds
ImprovementUIMA-4738ResolvedRuta: add more documentation for macros
ImprovementUIMA-4739ResolvedRuta: improve IDE syntax checks of macros
ImprovementUIMA-4782ResolvedRuta copy/paste error in documentation of trim
ImprovementUIMA-4783ResolvedRuta: Instantiate external engines only once when reloadScript=true
ImprovementUIMA-4785ResolvedRuta: MARKFAST and MARKTABLE to reload dictionaries
ImprovementUIMA-4817ResolvedRuta: documentation misses annotation variables
ImprovementUIMA-4819ResolvedRuta: documentation of split action contains wrong title
ImprovementUIMA-4886ResolvedRuta: remove useless debug launcher in Eclipse
ImprovementUIMA-4963ResolvedRuta: faster removal of token and basic annotations in engine
ImprovementUIMA-4982ResolvedRuta: SHIFT changes too many annotations
ImprovementUIMA-5016ResolvedRuta: add more documentation for annotation variables
ImprovementUIMA-5062ResolvedRuta:delegate resource manager to uimaFIT factories
ImprovementUIMA-5077ResolvedRuta: ruta-core unit test warnings
New FeatureUIMA-4623ResolvedRuta: relax syntax for resources declaration in order to include variables in path
New FeatureUIMA-4737ResolvedRuta: allow reference of variables as arguments in macros
New FeatureUIMA-4748ResolvedRuta: support boolean expressions for string comparison
New FeatureUIMA-4851ResolvedRuta: usage of labels in inlined rules
New FeatureUIMA-4855ResolvedRuta: support datapath for loading resources
New FeatureUIMA-4962ResolvedRuta: maven archtetype for typical ruta projects
New FeatureUIMA-4967ResolvedRuta: for each block setting local annotation variable for anchoring all rules within block
New FeatureUIMA-4968ResolvedRuta: type function for parsing type from string
New FeatureUIMA-4969ResolvedRuta: allow setting type variables from configuration parameters
New FeatureUIMA-5017ResolvedRuta: launch configuration should work with all uima serialization formats
New FeatureUIMA-5027ResolvedRuta: make configuration parameter optional/deprecated
New FeatureUIMA-5033ResolvedRuta: UNMARK with annotation expression
New FeatureUIMA-5072ResolvedRuta: support setting lists variables using configuration parameter
TaskUIMA-4780ResolvedRuta: use newer version of maven-invoker-plugin
TaskUIMA-4781ResolvedRuta: fix jacadoc warnings for java 8
TaskUIMA-4789ResolvedRuta: fix license of GermanNovels example project
TaskUIMA-4796ResolvedRuta: review/add/remove eclipse specific files in example projects
TaskUIMA-4798ResolvedRuta: improve build process of eclipse bundles
TaskUIMA-4971ResolvedRuta: upgrade to uimafit 2.2.0
TaskUIMA-5019ResolvedRuta: make sure that the workbench works with Eclipse Neon
TaskUIMA-5026ResolvedRuta: remove ruta document type
TaskUIMA-5028ResolvedRuta: all cover classes but RutaBasic should be generated by jcasgen
TaskUIMA-5029ResolvedRuta: remove configuration parameter for engine loaders
TaskUIMA-5071ResolvedRuta: prepare 2.5.0 release
TaskUIMA-5091ResolvedRuta: pdf formatting of documentation