JIRA Report

Type Key Status Summary
Bug UIMA-1714 Closed Message Bundles not visible when loaded under a UIMA Resource Manager class loader
Bug UIMA-1736 Closed Tutorial example - no match between text and code in 1.3.1
Bug UIMA-1746 Closed Lock with org.apache.uima.utils.XmlInputSource (uimaj-core)
Bug UIMA-1750 Closed Tutorial and Developers' Guides: setActionOnMaxError
Bug UIMA-1761 Closed Cas Editor logs SWTException when the Find/Annotate dialog is closed
Bug UIMA-1771 Closed CasToInlineXml truncates attributes
Bug UIMA-1774 Closed CAS.setSofaDataArray(ArrayFS) does not work for StringArrayFS
Bug UIMA-1808 Closed Invalid constructor for String used in Cas Editor
Bug UIMA-1817 Closed xml namespace handling in XmiCasDocSerializer / NPE with Saxon in classpath
Bug UIMA-1839 Closed String-subtype features can't be set to null?
Bug UIMA-1840 Closed Result Specification behavior incorrect for aggregates
Bug UIMA-1844 Closed add exclude for release.properties to those poms that override the default apache-rat-plugin configuration of excludes
Bug UIMA-1846 Closed Correct issues around building eclipse plugins and update site
Bug UIMA-1847 Closed Eclipse plugins not working with more recent version of maven-bundle-plugin
Bug UIMA-1853 Closed fix some findbugs issues in uima base
Bug UIMA-1858 Closed Eclipse debug structural form not working for JCas
Bug UIMA-1860 Closed ResultSpec behavior incorrect in several cases
Bug UIMA-1861 Resolved SnowballAnnotator needs refactoring
Bug UIMA-1870 Closed fix bin distribution directory structure to match what we had before
Bug UIMA-1873 Closed jcasgenp eclipse plugin seems to be missing one dependency
Bug UIMA-1877 Closed TypeSystemUtil.typeSystem2TypeSystemDescription() ignores multipleReferencesAllowed
Bug UIMA-1879 Closed xcaswriter and xmicaswriter not handling spaces in file path
Bug UIMA-1883 Closed UIMA shell scripts (e.g. cvd.sh) do not support space in filenames
Bug UIMA-1889 Closed Annotation Property Page should also show the uima.tcas.Annotation type
Bug UIMA-1892 Closed Annotation Properties dialog move layer buttons do not change the layer
Bug UIMA-1894 Closed Document import wizard should support writing a CAS to any folder.
Bug UIMA-1896 Closed Annotate dialog is missing the uima annotation type
Bug UIMA-1897 Closed PEAR descriptors are not recognized as annotators
Bug UIMA-1922 Closed XmiCasDeserializer mentions XCAS in error messages instead of XMI CAS
Bug UIMA-1939 Closed Cannot run a C++ aggregate from Java
Bug UIMA-1942 Closed Our batch scripts can't handle the default path for 32bit software on Win64 machines as it contains parentheses
Bug UIMA-1948 Closed The Annotation Editor should reveal the selected annotation
Bug UIMA-1950 Closed Filling a feature in the Edit View is difficult if it not has a value yet
Bug UIMA-1951 Closed Box Drawing Strategy does not draw the bottom line of the box always correctly
Bug UIMA-1953 Closed setting property for common version in parent pom doesn't work - change to working alternative
Bug UIMA-1954 Closed Annotation Style View fails to save changes for Cas Editor Projects
Bug UIMA-1956 Closed Annotation style and colors change when Cas Editor is started from a new Cas Editor Project
Bug UIMA-1958 Closed Cas Editor plugin package only contains icons which are at the top-level of the icons folder
Bug UIMA-1960 Closed enable uima-as to check for proper version of base UIMA
Bug UIMA-1965 Closed XMI Delta CAS Serialization doesn't work when preexisting FS is indexed in a new View
Bug UIMA-1966 Closed uimaj-eclipse-feature-runtime has src/ set with svn ignore, but it contains needed resource
Improvement UIMA-1722 Closed CDE is very slow to open an aggregate containing a remote UIMA-AS component
Improvement UIMA-1739 Closed Modification of FormPanel's getCaptionFromName method
Improvement UIMA-1768 Closed bundle build failing for cas editor due to maybe wrong eclipse dependency
Improvement UIMA-1778 Closed improve Javadocs by eliminating Javadoc warnings
Improvement UIMA-1782 Resolved Encoding of text files during import should be confugurable
Improvement UIMA-1783 Closed Documentation should be improved
Improvement UIMA-1784 Resolved CAS serialization format should be configurable at import time
Improvement UIMA-1785 Resolved Add context menu support for most important editing functions
Improvement UIMA-1793 Closed jcasgen: load the descriptor from the classpath
Improvement UIMA-1834 Closed Automate inclusion of current release / version info in uimaj and uima-as
Improvement UIMA-1852 Closed improve examples in case where they fail to produce output due to ResultSpecifications
Improvement UIMA-1865 Closed lock down transitive dependency version for Eclipse components
Improvement UIMA-1868 Closed cleanup distribution assembly
Improvement UIMA-1869 Closed Remove KEYS files from source and bin distributions
Improvement UIMA-1874 Closed robustification around calling super.initialize() in annotators
Improvement UIMA-1910 Closed Merge READMEs (src/bin) into one; move README/RELEASE_NOTES to top level, remove issues fixed from RELEASE_NOTES
Improvement UIMA-1934 Closed CVD encodes its copyright date wrong, and says incubator
Improvement UIMA-1935 Closed update eclipse feature projects for 2.3.1
Improvement UIMA-1945 Closed convert recursive impl of CAS Copier to non-recursive to avoid out-of-stack space errors
Improvement UIMA-1949 Closed Javadoc should point out difference between Features getDomain and getRange
New Feature UIMA-1875 Closed ability to visualize and quickly update/add values to primitive features
New Feature UIMA-1887 Closed It should be possible to open a CAS file from a non Cas Editor project
Task UIMA-1843 Closed update poms to refer to released version of parent-pom-eclipse-plugins-ibm-notice