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Note : this is archived material. The gnats system is no longer in use.
8721 2001/11/09 missing slash by using ScriptAlias
8711 2001/11/08 HTTP authentication variables not propogated to Action scripts
7794 2001/05/31 mod_bandwidth breaks POSTs to Action/AddHandler cgis
7084 2001/01/17 delete function has a restriction on the number of delete possibilities
6763 2000/10/30 If using php3 as external cgi, Error 404 will not be detected.
6543 2000/09/16 file type with action or handler set are not handled for 404 error (not found)
6512 2000/09/10 Action server directive DOESN'T WORK
5884 2000/03/15 Error document redirection for "actions" like PHP or similar languages
5800 2000/02/22 PATH_INFO/PATH_TRANSLATED are incorrect when used with Action/AddHandler
5700 2000/02/04 Apache passes non-existent files to a script
4792 1999/07/29 Can't configure clients to allow them to PUT, DELETE
4553 1999/06/09 Script PUT /cgi-bin/mycgi.cgi does not work
3929 1999/02/20 Action would not work
3548 1998/12/17 Seeing a lot of "handler "cgi-wrapper" not found for:" Same as PR2584
3519 1998/12/10 Action - Scripts defaults as cgi?
3340 1998/11/03 Action directive documentation incomplete
2686 1998/07/23 AddHandler overrides Action
2584 1998/07/10 Seeing alot of these: "handler "cgi-wrapper" not found for" since upgrading
1418 1997/11/14 htaccess files can be bypassed when actions are used
1356 1997/11/04 Action directive in a .htaccess file ignored if the type is specified via AddType
1221 1997/10/14 Cgi filter call by Action Directive don't receive HTTP_COOKIE env variable.