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Note : this is archived material. The gnats system is no longer in use.
8602 2001/10/23 ExpiresByType seems not to work
8564 2001/10/17 ExpiresByType directive seems not to work with any mime type but the text/html
8388 2001/09/22 ExpiresByType type wildcard support
7666 2001/05/01 mod_expires doesn't take negative numbers
6037 2000/04/29 Expires should check existing headers of a response
5769 2000/02/16 mod_headers won't append to Cache-Control header created by mod_expires
5728 2000/02/09 Expiring CGI forms after 'Back' button is pressed
4922 1999/08/28 mod_cgi & mod_expires - ExpiresByType not applied to CGI programs
4377 1999/05/09 mod_expires overwrites any cache_control headers present
4286 1999/04/21 ExpiresByType using mod_expires uses AddType source for mime/types and not mime. ...
208 1997/02/27 Add an option "never" to Expires