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Note : this is archived material. The gnats system is no longer in use.
9962 2002/02/26 add arbitrary headers for requests
9146 2001/12/16 mod_headers does not send header on redirects
7833 2001/06/07 Conflict between mod_alias and mod_headers.
5931 2000/03/26 When installing the apache headers, a file called os.h is not created
5059 1999/09/22 Java Servlets giving output html only one refreshh/reload. Initially shows inter ...
4834 1999/08/08 mod_headers won't modify headers from ProxyPass requests
4659 1999/06/26 mime-based header directive, like mod-expires
4304 1999/04/24 It'd be useful to be able to alter request headers as well as response ones.
1677 1998/01/15 mod_headers should allow mod_log_config-style formats in header values
1517 1997/12/04 Range header not recognized (???)
1383 1997/11/07 I make mod_headers to modify request headers as well as response ones.