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Note : this is archived material. The gnats system is no longer in use.
6421 2000/08/17 Incorrectly appended "/" to filename of existing document
5837 2000/03/06 mod_speling give incorrect results when a slash is involved
5418 1999/12/04 Unexpected and unhelpful mod_speling typo correction with trailing slash
5326 1999/11/17 mod_speling does not escape URLs
4677 1999/06/30 Optimization: Only correct spelling if no Referer
3239 1998/10/19 Incorrect Multiple Choices returned list
3235 1998/10/18 When blah/name.html exists, a request for blah/name/ lists blah.html/ as an avai ...
3176 1998/10/10 MOD_speling does not work correctly
3115 1998/09/30 mod_speling will return a "Multiple choices" page when only one choice is availa ...
2859 1998/08/14 mod_speling does not provide the list of alternatives to ErrorDocument CGIs
2754 1998/07/31 mod_speling will incorrectly 'correct' non-filesystem Locations