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Note : this is archived material. The gnats system is no longer in use.
8906 2001/11/29 cookie names mis-identified by mod_usertrack (more detailed exploration of bug 5 ...
8433 2001/09/29 UserTrack CookieDomain directive is missing
8048 2001/07/18 cookie names mis-identified by mod_usertrack (more detailed exploration of bug 5 ...
7893 2001/06/20 mod_usertrack fails to set cookie when redirecting with mod_rewrite.
7829 2001/06/06 CookieName directive doesn't work in primary server's vhost config
7285 2001/02/20 not all the requests in the log file have cookies logged.
7005 2000/12/20 Cookie logging
6140 2000/06/02 The patch for sending cookies with server's domain and something else..
5920 2000/03/22 mod_usertrack could allow cookie domain setting and hash the unique id
5880 2000/03/14 mod_usertrack overwrites cookies added by handlers preceding its fixup handler
5811 2000/02/25 search of the cookie name in the cookie string
5794 2000/02/21 New version of mod_usertrack with gimmicks.
5356 1999/11/23 Turn the expiry cookie into a timeout
5060 1999/09/23 User track generates flawed records.
5038 1999/09/18 fix for bogus unique users
5023 1999/09/16 patch to allow you to set the domain of cookies for usertrack tracking
5006 1999/09/13 Cookie can be set only for host
4303 1999/04/24 It would be nice to be able to vary the name of the user tracking cookie.
3909 1999/02/17 mod_usertrack cookie logging isn't logging cookie, it's logging something else.
2921 1998/08/28 Make COOKIE_NAME a setting instead of a #define
2370 1998/06/06 Duplicate cookies with same name, different domain
2328 1998/05/31 Log files truncated
2233 1998/05/15 Incorrect writing of the date string in cookies to MSIE
1397 1997/11/11 The docs for CookieExpire are not quite correct.
1342 1997/10/31 year-3000 bug in two-digit cookie expiration years
1278 1997/10/20 date format for cookies is not compliant with RFC..causes errors
1239 1997/10/16 Module isn't up to date with current draft standard.
417 1997/04/18 usertrack mod fails to set cookies